There is a Divine Plan for all of humanity, to live in harmony – individually and as a community. The Plan is for each one of us to realize our absolute oneness with all of life, although, our personalities experience separation in the world of duality.

The Plan is for each one of us to realize our power instead of being victimized by the world we have created. The Plan is for each one of us to flow in the union of love instead of reacting to the illusions of fear. Knowing our true Self spontaneously puts the Plan in action.


Professionally, I have been a consultant and writer for over three decades. Consulting has included providing assistance and support to those seeking to release fears, to realize understanding of inner experiences, and to expand conscious awareness. “The Sun Has No Shadow” by Etienne Pait is an asset of value for those seekers.

When honoring the longing and yearning of heart to know one’s real identity, old “mind stuff” emerges into view disrupting daily life. Etienne’s shared life experiences and professional qualifications combine to provide a rare and significant supportive piece of material beneficial during a transformational process.

It is rare today to find current written material by an author genuinely open to sharing sensitive and delicate experiences from his own life, experiences rarely shared except, perhaps, with a very trustworthy confidant. For those fearful of sensitive inner experiences little understood, there is now an author living in our time actually writing from his own life experience and has lived the ways and means to accomplish expanded conscious awareness.

What a blessing Etienne’s writing is, because he has carefully laid out case studies and examples along with comprehensive and practical steps the reader may successful apply to daily life to accomplish relief from fear – fear of the unknowns and reactive emotions often emerging during life transitions.

When opening and beginning to read “The Sun Has No Shadow”, a reader soon realizes they are not alone, for Etienne’s sharing reveals him as a sincere fellow traveler in facing the challenges life presents. A page in the beginning of the book says it all regarding the quality of Etienne’s character. It is titled ‘In Gratitude’. Once one has read this paragraph, one knows they have found a loving friend.

As a consultant assisting individuals facing life transitions, I thank you, Etienne Pait, for providing a written work earnest, sincere and comprehensive regarding a very delicate and sensitive subject. What a delight to now have available this supportive piece so precious to those longing in their hearts to know their real identity.

Joan Lee Welty

I got this book after “accidentally” stumbling on Etienne’s website and intuitively deciding to call him and schedule a reading. Simply put, it was phenomenal. He has incredible access into human consciousness and is able to speak about it clearly, wondrously and with a purity and warmth that for me felt like relief.
In the book Etienne goes into much greater detail. I especially love how simply he describes how to find your way out of victimhood. He uses the analogy of film to illustrate the process: The film is your mind and its negative beliefs. You are the light through which it shines and, based on your victim beliefs the people, things and conditions that are projected, will be reflected in your world, the screen. Great and lasting insights here!

Rose Spinelli

Etienne Pait has changed my life. His wisdom resonates through his easy to digest images and verbiage. I never felt he was talking over me; I felt he was talking to me.

The Sun Has No Shadow begins with Etienne’s personal experiences with the Divine. It gives him the ultra human image. He’s not just a gift from God, he’s one of us laced with God. No only can I connect with him on a human level, I can envision my future on a Divine level.

He moves on to share his film diagram he often uses in his speech. Without giving too much away, we are the divine/light, moving through our mind/film, creating our life/movie. He continues to give examples on ways for us to change our mind/film to create a life we find more fulfilling, more rewarding.

Finally, Etienne wraps up his book by giving us real life examples on how to redefine the world we live in. Literally, REDEFINE. Growing up, we attribute meanings to words and objects and blindly believe us accurate. He gives us the format to re-evaluate what our definitions are. The process involves an honest and compassionate look at who we are, while providing us guidance to create a stronger foundation into who we want to be.

As I state, Etienne has changed my life. I know he can change yours as well.


THE SUN HAS NO SHADOW!–is an invitation!—-TSHNS invites us to wake up –to engage-embrace-enjoy the life we were meant to live!!! Etienne’s suggestions in the conscious creating chapter is fun to do!!! This conscious creating facilitates the awakening process, the healing, the changed perceptions, the self-awareness, and finally the self expression!-This is a book of HOPE!—-Enjoy the self realization of your soul’s fulfillment!

s. ann drive

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