PRINCIPLES OF LIVING is an applied approach to living life without conflict … the “How to” (spiritually, mentally, emotionally, physically).

Is there any real value in suffering?

*Greatest Fear/Suffering:

Not knowing your true Self.

Greatest Desire:

To know your true Self.

Greatest Discovery/Joy:

Your true Self.

What is the Genuine Spiritual Process Anyway?

IT IS NOT — contorting our bodies, mouthing mantras, relocating ourselves to different geographies, about the matrix patterns of the universe, predicting the future, acquiring metaphysical facts, about alien discovery, pushing religious dogmas.

IT IS — the sincere loving act universally available to us All. IT IS the intimate individualized vigilant dedication of releasing the burden off that Innocent precious Divine Child who resides within each one of us cloaked by an unhealthy adult(erated) mind… the release from the false concepts, beliefs and lies It has inherited about who He or She really is … the release from the suffering of that One – the precious part of us – who experiences Life here. This is a process, an embrace, of Love… upon one’s real Self – the precious Divine Child within who just wants to live Life innocently and peacefully while in existence.

In Practice: IT IS the assertion and re-assertion of this Divine Child in It’s world of expression.

Consider Answering the Following Questions:

Who am I?

Why am I here?

What is my purpose here?

What is my function here?

Do my thoughts burden me or do my thoughts serve me?

Am I preoccupied by thinking about the past?

Am I concerned about the future?

Do my emotions express genuine joy?

What is Life?

Am I living Life?

Am I compromising … my Life?

How does being free look to me?

Do I have the energy to fulfill this vision?

For further exploration of answers to these questions visit me throughout this site.
The answers are always ‘within’, but can be facilitated through

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Are you living a “half-Life”? Are you living Life burden-free? Are you living Life free of anxiety? Is there truly meaning in your Life? Do you feel like you are fulfilling your function as to why you were born? Do you feel like something is amiss, something’s wrong, somethings’ out of harmony…

Yolanda Jansen

Etienne has provided me a great service during our two hour conversation at a time I felt stuck in taking strategic next steps in my life and career. In sharing his readings and vision of me I gained wonderful insights and within a few months I have been able to create new directions for myself with tremendous payoffs! I truly enjoyed working with Etienne.

J. Korenak

Over the past several years, I have come to know and appreciate Etienne Pait as a friend and mentor. I know I can trust his hard-won wisdom in life and spiritual matters, as well as his energetic commitment to experiencing each moment as it comes. I count on Etienne’s wisdom when I get caught up in the stress and pressure of modern life. I enjoy a more personal and professional confidence, because of my relationship with Etienne, his writings and his ministry. Etienne’s approach to healing leads to a more centered way of making decisions and leading an authentic life. For me this is critical.

B. Schieffer

The combination of Etienne’s warm healing hands, calm voice and gentle touch make for a deep, rich and relaxing experience on the massage table. One moment his fun sense of humor has one laughing with joy and the next his spiritual wisdom shines through. As a spiritual counselor, Etienne is centered, focused and fully present to the person in front of him while listening to the Voice of Spirit from within.

R. Withrow

Over twenty years of knowing Etienne Pait, I have marveled at his combination of deep wisdom, compassionate healing, and down to earth sense of humor.

M. Gerhard

I have known Etienne for nearly a decade as an inspiring author, public speaker/presenter, massage therapist extraordinaire, affirming intuitive, compassionate spiritual director and healing friend! In all of our connections I’ve been enlightened, uplifted, encouraged and challenged in profound ways.

Lori Jae R.

I have worked with Etienne Pait for approximately 15 years. Etienne is a great Spiritual Teacher and Intuitive Reader. He has compassion and also sets the tone for allowing humor and a down to earth atmosphere in both teaching and counseling. In the future, I would like to see him continue setting a fabulous precedent for all Spiritual/Intuitive Counselors with his values, his wisdom and his Love. A truly gifted teacher and counselor.

Rose S.

I had a reading from Etienne that blew me away (the following year I had a second one). A stranger at the time (now I consider him a great friend) he talked about me, about some of my persistent habits, both good and bad, in a way that only started to make sense to me after he explained the why of them. It’s a strange feeling to have someone know you with the kind of depth he is able to reach.

Etienne takes his time. I never felt rushed in the least, and he is very gentle. Even some of my most unpleasant aspects, which I suppose we all have, he talked to me about with great empathy. Not a judgmental bone in his body.

Etienne is quite skilled. I don’t know what well he draws from but it is deep, and so is he. I can honestly say if you decide to get a reading from him it will turn out to be a profound experience unlike any other you’ve had. So go for it!

Judith U.

Etienne Pait is a fine teacher and Spiritual/Ministerial Counselor, whom I have known for many years. His Principles of Living workshops are filled with guidance and knowledge that have helped me in many ways. He is compassionate, loving, and extremely helpful to his clients. He is also a licensed massage therapist and has helped my headaches and stiff neck disappear. I highly recommend him.

J. Welty

I have had the privilege of knowing Etienne both personally and professionally for over two decades. Observing his consistent dedication to God and being present to his radiating joy continues to inspire and provide encouraging energy so welcome in my life’s journey.


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